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Salary and welfare

Salary and welfare
Provide excellent salary treatment, Bole Awards, holiday gifts, enjoy one-to-many annual salary adjustment opportunities, year-end reward benefits. Unlimited snacks, afternoon tea. There are more anniversary gifts, birthday surprises waiting for you.
Comprehensive protection
On-the-job pays the employee “six insurance and one gold”. Provide an annual physical health check for each employee to fully test your physical condition and prevent various health risks as early as possible.
Living holiday
Basketball, badminton, fitness, swimming and other activities are organized regularly every week. Enjoy weekend breaks, legal holidays breaks, marriage leave, maternity leave paternity leave and paid annual leave. In addition, one or two domestic and international tours are offered each year.
talent development
Help employees grow, train outstanding talents, and develop together with the company. Let each employee have a clearer orientation and direction for their future career development, and help employees to determine the development direction that can more exert their capabilities.

company culture

IBiSi Technology Company ( is a global mobile Internet technology company. We are mainly engaged in IT Internet software development and e-commerce as the main business. After its establishment, the company has developed rapidly. At present, we have initially built a multi-level product matrix for global mobile users, covering more than 60 countries and regions in the world. Committed to providing convenient, safe, pleasant and ultimate application experience for global mobile users. We not only have many years of rich experience in the traditional and mobile Internet e-commerce service market, but also are a cutting-edge mobile Internet technology company for global research and development of high-quality mobile e-commerce applications and business training.

Company mission

User first, product as the core, professional team to do professional things, create a viable e-commerce application product matrix.

Business philosophy

To create value with high-quality products and users, to achieve the ideals of employees and partners as their responsibility, focus on doing great things.


In the depth of the main business, Shen Yi is bold, embraces change, and invests in a win-win situation.

Management philosophy

Incubate dreams, achieve professionalism, deep thinking, and execute efficiently.

corporate vision
Make The Change!

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